Sometimes weekly Sunday Rifts game.

Operation: Rescue

Our heroes were called in by a Tolkien counsel member to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a leading scientist and his computer. The group’s resident mutant spotted a clue outside the window and they quickly determined that it was a case of kidnapping. Further investigation revealed the direction of travel the kidnappers likely took. The group came upon the long abandoned trading post where they suspected the kidnappers would “sell” the victim to the Coalition. The Coalition was there waiting for the kidnappers and mistook our group for the bad guys. Using this to their advantage, they took the Coalition troops by surprise and quickly destroyed the unit. They immediately donned the Coalition’s gear and “bought” back the kidnapped scientist. Of course they returned him safe and sound to Tolkien and collected their reward.


Our band of adventurers took a commission from the Tolkien government to check out a POW camp where something was “not right”.
On the way there, they met up with some refugees, or so they thought, at a skelebot graveyard. The people posing as refugees were gypsies and they stole whatever they could get their hands on.
They also met up with some Gargoyles and the resident gargoyle cowered before them. Our hero vampire freaked the Gargoyles out and they left.
They arrived at the prison compound and decided to take the stealthy approach. They also decided to not get any information before murdering three innocent guards, mush to the disdain of our hero vampire. Finally, they figured out that the camp had been taken over by vampires and the vamps had been feeding on the inmates. They killed most of the vampires in short order and those that got away will probably not come back.
Our companion Gargoyle is -10 to all percentage rolls and -3 to all d20 rolls until he performs such a selfless act that saves a number of people that it will atone for his indiscretional killing.
Our hero vampire got wind of a vampire terror taking over a town and her sister is a slave to them. She also knows that her sister was caught helping people escape and knowing the nature of vampires, she is probably being tortured and may be turned so the torture can continue eternally.
If I have missed anything, let me know


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